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17.3 normal LED  LVDS 40pin glossy notebook screen LTN173KT03 B173RW01 N173FGE
17.3 normal LED  LVDS 40pin glossy notebook screen LTN173KT03 B173RW01 N173FGE

Product Name:17.3 normal LED LVDS 40pin glossy notebook screen LTN173KT03 B173RW01 N173FGE

Product details: :

Brand new 17.3 inch 1600*900 normal LED LCD LVDS 40pin glossy notebook screen LTN173KT03 B173RW01 N173FGE

Product details: New and original 1600*900 LVDS 17.3 inch Matte surface grade A laptop screen LCD.

Specification :



Notebooks Laptop LCD Screen




Samsung Display


Made in China






LVDS(2 ch 6-bit)

Aspect ratio:


Backlight Type


Screen Type



100% New ,Grade A+


Antistatic bag ,carton and card board

Compatible models


Rated Functioning Temperature


Storage temperature



Laptop, notebooks





Payment Terms

T/T, Western Union, Credit Card, PayPal



Surface matte and glossy can be choose. 

HK XINYU focus on distributor of samsung display / LG display/ AUO /Chimei Innolux 


Packaging & Shipping


All orders and laptop screen LCD will be shipped within 4 business days from HK after the payment is cleared.
As long as you are not in remote countries and cities, our preferred shipping method is DHL. We want to provide you with the best service.
all shipment will be with tracking number.
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Our Services


Warranty Returns&Refunds:
We have 100% satisfactory guarantee for laptop screen , if you are not satisfied with your purchase, or If by any chance you do receive a defective item please contact us and we will help to resolve your problem.
Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.
If the model no is not correct, we pay the shipping cost.






Company Information

  HK XINYU PHOTOELECTRIC CO.,LIMITED. Is a professional laptop LCD module solution and stock provider.Products currently has been widely used in notebook computer, television equipment, advertising machine equipment, industrial machine equipment and so on high technology industry.







Why we can trust HK XINYU and what LCD Screen dose HK XINYU can supply.


HK XinYu Photoelectric PK Other suppliers

  HK XinYu Photoelectric Other Suppliers
1 We focus on 10.1-17.3 LED LCD screens,your professional supplier Othere suppliers sell keyboard, battery, screens and other parts
2 We only do brand new and original Other suppliers sell new ,used , refurbished and OEM
3 We can offer 3-12month warranty Other suppliers offer 3month or no warranty
4 We can accept MOQ 1pc for your order or sample testing Other suppliers need larget quantity or MOQ
5 We can ship goods on same day Other suppliers' delivery time is 2-5days.
6 We test screen and update EDID one by one before shipping Other suppliers don't check EDID before shipping or ship as original box.
7 We don't sell spots,line white display and not working screens Other suppliers sell B grade or light spots screen by cheap price .
8 We can replace new screens to customers if we ship defected parts or wrong model. Other suppliers have to repair or replace screen when received return from buyer.



Notebook LCD Display


DIY and Replacement Centre for 17.3 laptop screen LCD.

This table shows the screen resolution, pixel density (pixel pitch in pixels per inch, ppi), size of one square pixel, aspect ratio of the screen, number of pixels (megapixels or MP), and pixel area gain compared to a 1024 by 768 pixel XGA resolution for various display sizes (measured by the viewable diagonal).



See the table below to compare the gain in physical size of the active or viewable screen area to the extra real estate in pixels (resolution gain in pixel). The aspect ratio also affects the gained area in cm2.


We have all kind of 17.3 laptop screen LCD  on hand.